Carl Gustav Jung put off writing Answer to Job as long as he could. He knew damn well that what he had to say about the relationships between Yahweh, Satan, Jesus, you and god would be incendiary to untrained ears. One reviewer trys to sum it up: "Dr. Jung speaks with the authority and conviction of his professional insight into the mind of an age whose great longing is for some new heavenly marriage that shall produce a new divine child to save us from impending apocalypse." But that does not cover the case by far. Jung uses the biblical story of Job to illustrate his belief that Western Man could - in fact - be slaughtered whole by his savage and ruthless creator. But it won't be god holding the ax; it will be us, poisoned into madness by our image of god. Answer to Job is not about the psychology of religious people; it is about the psychology of religious contents. It is about the way our symbols and our metaphors "lead us ... into temptation."
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