Yahweh and his first-born son, Satan, are pounding Guinness in a Pub called Café Melusina on Highway 61. Yahweh is full of himself and bragging on Job, his faithful servant. Job loves me, Yahweh says, he'll always love me because I am Who am, goddamn it! Satan takes a long quaff & says: he only loves you because he's happy. He's content. He lacks nothing. It's easy to love god when you're rich, fat, and full. Take it all away, Satan snorts, then see how the peckerwood prays. So Yahweh takes the bet. OK. He'll bring Job low to prove his point. Thus begins the most difficult book of the Bible, a book which has kept biblical scholars and commentators busy for over 2500 years. How can we reconcile the co-existence of evil and god? Some have given up and now see the book as a satire against a purely fundamentalist reading of religion.
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