Job lives in Uz, a fertile land, and Job is rich both in cattle and slaves. "He was wholly averse from injustice, idolatry, fraud, and adultery. He avoided evil thoughts, and dangerous looks, was compassionate to the poor, a father to the orphan, a protector to the widow, a guide to the blind, and a supporter to the lame." Obviously the Satanic Sluts at Wikipedia would judge the man as text-book righteous. The biblical apologists are quick to point out that god only "allows" Satan to test Job - but when you spend most of scripture thumping yourself on the chest and screaming that you are Omniscient and Omnipotent and the sole creator of Omni-omni then "allows" should be read as if it is Yahweh himself who is fucking with Job, and in the light of what Jung is saying about this book and about the level of Yahweh's consciousness, the Devil is just in this story to round out the cast and throw the reader off the scent. Anyway, god tells Satan that he can jerk Job around but that he cannot - yet - harm his person. So god has a bunch of drunk Sabeans kill all of Job's cowboys and all of his cattle/oxen melt back into the hills. Then god kills all Job's sheep and all Job's shepherds with a fire from the heavens. Then god gets the Chaldeans to steal Job's camels and kill all the drovers. Whew! Job is stunned, rocked back on his heels. What next, he wonders? Boom! God crushes all of Job's 10 children who had gathered for a feast in the eldest son's house. A big wind knocks the house in and not even Simonides could identify the mangled corpses. Job throws himself on the ground and cries: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord giveth and the Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." Shit, says Satan - or was it Yahweh? - let's ratchet up the angst. So god gives Satan "permission" to afflict Job's body as well as his circumstances. Boils, carbuncles, shingles, dropsy, flatulence, and leprosy follow. Finally, there is Job - faithful servant of the Lord - collapsed on a pile of ashes and scraping at his sores with a potsherd.
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