While he may have left around 4,000 sketches, drawings, and paintings, Hitler did only a handful of nudes. He had less skill with animated figures than buildings and landscapes - it was this lack of "figure study" skills which had kept him out of the Vienna Art Academy. There are only a handful of nudes - most of them of Geli, his niece with whom Hitler was having some kind of affair. The small watercolor on this page is not of Geli but of another woman once rumored to have shared the Führer's bed. She was the wife of a Jewish banker who was looking to become Re-Aryanized after her hubby was sent to a Kz where he later died. She disappeared before the scandal grew legs. That's the story Kenny tells. Much to Barber Perfect's vexation, Pooler and Skippy have created a dozen "original" Hitlers. This one comes loaded with a backstory which is calculated to draw interest.
The drill with Hitler Bogeys is to avoid Auctions and to slip them into the Dark-Grey Market of Nazi Collectors. These are the customers who want the Stains. They buy for the backstory, and a Provenance with lacunae is raw meat to men who collect History's Stains.
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