This is one of Lucky's favorite paintings. It's relatively modern - early 20th Century - but it's thematically connected with Egyptian images. Mother and Child. In this instance it's Mary and Jesus. In Egypt it was Isis and Horus - her Divine Child. Lucky loves the way the artist has given the viewer a blonde Madonna and an even blonder Christ. You can't see Mary's eyes but Jesus is rendered with bright greenish blue eyes. Eyes the color of the Baltic on a clear, clear day. The two of them sure don't look very Jewish, do they? Those radiant arcs of sunbeams which are gracing the wheat-rich fields - those are coming from God the Father and are a Sign of His Favor. Notice the White Butterfly on the branch below the Messiah - and the Circlet of Woven Daisies which Mary and Jesus grasp. It's odd but the Head Scarf which the Virgin wears is not from the land of Judea. Nor is her robe, or the fat fields, or All those Daisies and tall grasses. The whole thing seems damn near Pseudomorphic.
The Title of this page means: The Institute for the Study and Eradication of Jewish Influence on German Church Life. It was created in the Spring of 1939 by a group of Protestant Theologians, Pastors, and Lay churchmen. It had - like most Institutes - many goals but only one purpose: to Redefine Christianity as a Germanic Creation. This time Jesus would be an Aryan and not a Jew. This time Jesus would not be a Hebrew Messiah but instead would be Reincarnated as an Aryan Warrior God whose Mission was to Destroy the Jews and Crush Judaism. This time the gloves were off and Jesus was coming back 6 feet Tall with Blue Eyes in a Teutonic Skull. Blond hair the color of wheat in the rain. Big-Chin tastefully shaded by a full Blond beard. The Academic Director of the Institute was Walter Grundmann, Professor of the New Testament at the ancient and storied University of Jena. Walt's job in the Tute was to Oversee the 2nd Coming of Jesus. Hegel, Schelling, von Schlegel, and Friedrich Shiller had all been Professors at Jena. The University had been founded in 1558 as a Haven for new and unorthodox Religious Opinions - as a foil to the Jesuits and the other Counter-Reformation Catholic Sonderkommandos. Jena allowed Student Duels and worse - Freiheit - Freedom, Liberty, Open-mindedness. The University said they both built Character. Ernst Haeckel taught Evolutionary Theory at Jena. His influence was so widespread that in Germany what we call Darwinism is called Haeckelism. With the Nazis came the transformation of Jena from Freedom of Thought to National Socialism. Jena had become the home of the Culminating Act of Western Christianity - Its Suicide. At Jena the Last Supper would be Recapitulated - in Haeckelian terms. Auschwitz was Golgatha for Christianity, but Jena was where its heart was buried.
There were 20 Million Catholics in Germany during the war. There were 40 Million Protestants. Germany - in the 1930s was a deeply Christian Nation. But a problem was festering: a growing belief that the Christianity of old had been hijacked by the Jews. More specifically, by the Kike Saul, who reinvented himself as the Kiki Paul. As Oswald Spengler saw it, Western Christianity had been ripped from its mideastern Magian roots and transplanted in White Europa and, as such, was Pseudomorphic. It was constantly at war with its own inner, original, but unexpressed Nature. Ever since the Science of Linguistics had discovered the Indo-European Roots of Western Languages - there was this growing sense that an Aryan Connection linked European Man to his Spiritual Origins and that the Semitic - Jewish - Connection was part of their Plot.
Barber Perfect shares these photos with Lucky with a nostalgia so thick it smacks of Butterscotch. The Institute was boffo with the Protestant brand of German Christianity. For a long time there had been growing within this brand a Faction which was now calling itself: The German Christian Movement. They were not a Sect. They were a German Nationalist shadow within Protestantism which had found its form in the Nazi Party. There were 600,000 members of the German Christian Movement - the GCM. They were Pastors, Bishops, and Professors of Theology. They were Religion Teachers and Laity. Over time the GCM gathered in a third of all Protestants in Deutschland - over 13 Million in a nation of 61 Million. The GCM took the initiative in all things Protestant. They got the Swastika on the church, in the church, and on the altar. They got all Baptized Jews removed from any position within the church and then got them removed from the church. Their 1st Argument was the Hakenkreuz.
The Aryan Myth was founded on a misunderstanding about language - and so is the Myth of the Swastika. Sure, sure, we all know the Swastika is Indo-European - Avestan, Hindu, Buddhist, American Injun and then some. It's ubiquitous in world symbology. It's fucking everywhere in Iconography - and it's ancient. But the Germans knew next to squat about the Swastika - you see they didn't call it a "Swastika." Most Germans during the war had never heard that word. They called it the "Hakenkreuz." Swastika - as a word - is related to all Indo-European Roots which stem from the ancient root: asti - meaning "he is." Our word "Is" comes from that root, as does the Frog "est," the German "ist," etc. Add the Indo-Euro root "su" - meaning "well" and you have: "It is well." Thus Swastika is a Talisman of Good Luck. But the German gnosis of their word for the Swastika has an entirely different connotation. Haken means "hooked" [it's present in a German word for Barbed Wire: Widerhaken.]. Kreuz = Cross. So when the Germans saw the Logo of the Nazis, they saw a Hooked Cross - a Twisted Cross. The point is that first and foremost in their Mythos the Hakenkreuz/Swastika was a Christian Symbol. A transformed Christian Symbol. A Germanized Christian Symbol. But a Christian Symbol. 2 huge myths - both of them lies - came out of the war: 1. The French were Anti-Nazi and they had a huge "Resistance." 2. The Nazis and the Germans were Anti-Christian, or Pagans, or Atheists. Bullshit. The Germans were Christians during the war - and like the Cathars before them - they thought of themselves as "The Good Christians."
Take a good look at this Button to the right and you can see what I mean. The "Swastika" and the Crucifix have become One. That's the meaning of Hakenkreuz - it describes a Christianity which has been "Corrected."
And for god's sake please don't go clicking on the Button! It can only lead to grief. There are some things you don't need to know and that you don't want to know. Did you ever hear of "Secret Mark?" Don't go there!
That's Uncle Adolf coming out of church. He was raised Catholic, as was Himmler, and Goebbels, and nearly all the top Nazis from Catholic Bavaria. Most of them were schooled by Jesuits. Hitler hated all of Himmler's NeoPagan Clap-Trap. He went back and forth over whether or not to Close the Christian Churches after the Nazis won the war - but during the war there was no doubt that Hitler saw how useful the Christians could be to the National Socialist Mission. All he had to do was convince the Germans that Nazis were an Evolution of Christianity and not its Nemesis. The Protestants would be little problem - since Luther and Calvin, Protestantism was slipping into Capitalism and Fascism - thru its Cult of the Individual, which Nietzsche retrofitted into the Will to Power and the Cult of the Ubermensch. Catholics were more nuanced in their delusions and Hitler knew that they were too Theologically Conservative to easily change their dogma, ritual, and liturgy to conform to strict National Socialism. But he also knew - and trusted - that Common Ground already existed between the Nazis, the Protestants, and the Catholics: Jews were a Degenerate Influence in Christianity, and indeed, in Western Civilization. All 3 groups agreed that the Crisis of Modernity was the "Weltherrschaft des Judentums." World Domination by the Jews. Find the Fear - Define the Mission. Hitler knew instinctively what to do. Brand the War a Crusade against Godless Communism, Atheism, Capitalism, and their common source and parasitic Host: the Jew. Pick up the Cross! It's a new Crusade to stop Satan Himself from seizing the World! The Vatican had tried Antijudaism and it had failed. History had tried Antisemitism in one form or another for a few 1000 years - and still there were Jews. But the Nazis had found the key to unlock the Holocaust: Redemptive Antisemitism. That's the Ticket! A Positive reason to Hate and Eradicate - it's like Bug Spray. Think about it.
The problem with Pictures is that they say way more than a Thousand Words. You can't shut Pictures up. You are looking at probably the most accurate rendition of Jesus Christ which has ever been produced. It's a BBC creation of what a man of Christ's "Race, Place, et Milieu" might have looked like. Christ is never described physically in scripture. The Shroud of Turin is used by devotées to push a lanky Jesus 6 feet tall. Which would have made him near freakishly tall for a Palestinian in that time period. Osama bin Laden is known because he is freakishly tall. So would have Christ - if he had been tall. So Jesus might have gone 5' 5" with sandals. That would have been "tall." More than likely he would not have escaped the "Hooked Nose" which the Nazis loved to point out was a set feature of the Jews. Undergraded Environments - like the Desert - always Select towards elongated Nasal passages. Animals navigate the desert by Scent more than by Sight - a featureless terrain will always shove the Umwelt towards Sound and Scent as chief discriminators. So Jesus had a Jew Nose. Deal with it. And hey, show me a "sand-nigger," or a Judaen with Blue Eyes. Get real. Christ must have looked like exactly what he was: a little Jew with a Jew Nose, Brown to Black Eyes, and unruly, kinky hair. All Survival features of a hot, sunny, dry, climate in a rocky, sparse, and featureless land. So you are looking at the 1st Project of the German Kiki Movement: Change the Face of Christianity at the source: Jesus Christ. The Kike would have to get a Make-Over if He was to become a Kiki.
The Button below shows Jesus as the Little Infant of Prague. Golden Haired with piercing Baby Blues. Click it 5 times for a Slide Show called: Aryan Jesus.
Get set for Supersession. The two Tools for surviving Pseudo-morphism are Typology and Supersessionism. Strap yourself in.
Unfortunately, that's the Pope. Jung PapaRatzi as a conflicted Catholic Acolyte and Hitlerjugend. At least a whole bunch of people want you to think he was conflicted. Maybe the 1st German Pope was just breathing the German Christian air of his time. He too is a Bavarian boy. Munich was his town as a Yoot. Munich was the Axis-Mundi of National Socialism - the New Jerusalem of the New Chosen People. I'm sure he remained unaffected by all the new gris-gris on the Altar "mit hakenkreuz verziert." I'm sure he clung to the roots of his faith, the Jewish Roots - or as the Aryanized Heiligmichael Erzengel would put it: The Old Dragon. I am absolutely sure that little Joey Ratzinger was rocked in the Bosom of the Old Dragon as the world was burning around them. Neither knowing the true nature of the other, each in a dream of his own. You don't have to be good to be a Christian, and you don't have to be bad to be a Nazi. You have to be delusional for the former and disillusioned for the latter. Nazis saw themselves as Christ in a Stehlhelm, Jack Boots, with a dagger. Not the Homo-Pansy Secret Mark Christ of the Jews, but the Manly Aryan Jesus who knew that Sympathy was a word in the Dictionary between Shit and Syphilis.
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