As the Nazis raped Europa of its Art, Himmler and his Ahnenerbe flacks were keeping track of who got what and where it went. The photo - left - shows a Mosaic from the now destroyed Cathedral of Our Lady of Dachau. The Mosaic was created in 1470 and illustrates the rabidly popular theme of the "Judensau." Two Jews, dressed in their medieval finery are shown having some kind of "relations" with a huge Sow - a Pig. One of them rides the pig backwards. The other is depicted reaching up the Pig's ass to harvest Pig Shit. So it's an Image of the Universal Jewish Pig feeding her Jewish Kinder. Feeding them her Shit. A smaller Jew is shown underneath the swollen Sow suckling off her teats. Behind them is Satan himself - the Devil - and he is depicted as the "Father" of the Jews who is supervising the feeding. Satan runs the show. That's a Jewish Witch and her `Bock' or Billy Goat in the middle-ground, left. Everyone in the medieval knew that it was the Devil who created the Goat, that he had Sex with the Goat, and that the Goat was the symbol of the Jew itself. The entire Tableau is called: JUDENSAU and was one of the most popular Christian Image Systems of Zentrum Europa, especially in Germany where the Image was ubiquitous then, and still is today. The Mosaic is a copy of a famous Carving on an ancient Bridge Tower at Frankfurt. The body of the little boy pegged out above them is that of St. Simon of Trent - his story is told in the "Unders" beneath the pictures. That's Himmler's green Sphragis - he's documenting all of the Art Loot plundered by Barber Perfect during the War. Not for prosecution, but for his own personal `Tax.'
This sculpted Judensau is on the Cathedral of St. Martin in Colmar, Germany. You can see the Jew actually eating the Shit. Keep reminding yourself that these are "Christian" Images and that they still decorate "Christian" Churches & Kiki Dogma today. Some of what Lucky is writing on this page comes from Joshua Trachtenberg's masterwork: The Devil and the Jews: The Medieval Conception of the Jew and its Relation to Modern Antisemitism. Joshua wrote the book in 1943 "in Media Res" while the Nazis were exterminating Europa's Jews. His focus is on the "image of the Jew as Sorcerer and Magician, as Satan and the Devil . . . as Well-Poisoners and spreaders of Disease, desecrators of the Host and Murderers of Christian Children." Kind of a "My Little Golden Book of Kike Killers and Kike Killing." Why, he asks, "are Jews so cordially hated and feared?" His book is based on "Official (Papal/Church) statements, Papal Encyclicals and Bulls, Legal Codes, celebrated Chroniclers ... the Miracle, Mystery, Passion, and Antichrist Plays; the Folk and Nursery Tales; the Popular Sermons; the Legend Cycles; and, beginning with the 16th Century, the Polemic Church Pamphlets." Plus all the Graphic & Sculptic Arts - like the Judensau - the JewPigMother.
The most familiar Motifs and Myths of the Christian rendering of Jews are these: 1. Judensau - Pig suckling Jews. 2. Jews giving Homage to Satan. 3. A Jewess giving Birth to 2 Pigs. 4. Jews piercing the Eucharistic Host with knives. 5. Jews using "Ritual Blood" to conjure the Devil. 6. Satan, wearing the Jew Badge, huckstering with Jews. In Kiki Semiotics, this is their Kike Semiosphere. The Catholic Church simultaneously both Affirmed and Denied these myths and motifs. Most of the Popes denied the Ritual Blood Murder Myths. But then Some did not and men like Peter the Venerable and Martin Luther rabidly pushed the Myths. The Pattern which worked for the Church and which gave them `Plausible Deniability" was this: The Official Church "might" deny the Antisemitic Riffs, while their local agents - the Parish Pastor and Priests - would be busy affirming them daily and weekly from the Pulpit. The Republican Party used this strategy in its push to keep Segregation.
Lucky pauses to here remind you of The Anne Frank Game. Souvenez? 15 flacid Liberals dip into a hat and pull out 15 answers to the question: Who killed Anne Frank? Then they are told to line themselves up in a Complicity Chain from the Most Guilty to the Least. Hitler goes first, followed by Himmler, etc - The Usual Suspects. But the Lil' Fat Liberal who pulled out the card which says: A German Pastor Preached an Antisemitic Sermon - bolts to the front of the line and will not be dislodged. Thoughtful Etics agree. The Rails to Auschwitz were not laid by Nazis - they were laid by the Christian Churches. Jesus killed Anne Frank and he did it thru his minions, his Priests. The 1930s Wittenberg carving shows Jesus literally "backed up" by a Nazi Soldier, surrounded by the Volk, and preaching about what to do with the Jews.
Hitler said: "Lies are more potent than the bare and simple truth," because "the lie can be molded to match the `Will to Believe.'" Truth is only slightly less malleable. Trachtenberg writes: "If the Jew is today despised and feared and hated, it is because we are the heirs of the Middle Ages." Antisemitism, he points out, has an important extra dimension than other prejudices: the Demonological. Niggers are lazy. Polacks are dumb. Mezicans are greasy & thieves. But the Jew is more, much more. The Jew is Part and Parcel of the Devil. Hymie is Satanic. If you judge a Man - or a People - by how deeply you Hate him then the Jew must be a powerful Hombré. But how did the weakest of all Nations become so Hated and Feared? "Jew hatred is hardier than the Liberal Utopians who placed their trust in Reason and Knowledge imagined." These myths are easy to explode; so why then do they fester and spread?
And why Germany? Antisemitism is rife in Europa but reaches its Apex and its Zenith in the Germanies. The map to the right illustrates the disposition of the Judensau Motif throughout Europe. Nearly all of those dots & numbers are in Deutschland. So how does the "urge to believe" overpower common sense and reality? Remember, Joshua is writing in 1943 and he mentions the "Big Lie" that will not go away: the Wartime rumors that Roosevelt was a Jew. Closer to home, think Obama is a Muslim. His answer has to do with the human psychological tendency toward the "Rationalizations of an underlying Animus." A way of expressing "inherited dread." Hatred is not Rational; it thrives even in the face of overwhelming, unambiguous contradictions." Think of this: How could the Nazis so easily spread the Counter-Intuitive and Self-Contradicting Lies that Jews were both Communists and Capitalists? Those were the 2 big lies. Jews were the creators and carriers of godless Communism and somehow they were also the fathers and spreaders of soulless Capitalism. So the Jew was simultaneously Karl Marx and the Baron Rothschild. These are smoke-screens for the ultimate source of Jew-Hatred: "the powderkeg of emotional disposition" in our Unconscious. Prejudice has nothing to do with facts or logic and everything to do with the Shadow we build of the Ganz Andere: the Wholly Others.
It was not the Nazis but the Church who taught that the Jew was the "Archenemy and Arch-Degenerate of the world." It was Vatican sources which spread the Cognitive Dissonance that the Jew was "dominant everywhere by virtue of his World-Embracing Secret organizations" and that the Jews "engineered the Bolshevik Revolution" and "foisted Plutocratic Democracy" on the West. The Meme that the Jew represents "the Mysterious, fearsome Evil forces which from time immemorial have menaced the peace and security of mankind," did not originate with Himmler or Goebbels. They borrowed it whole-cloth from Church teachings. What emotional Emics fail to take into account is always the "objective existence of the accumulated Past." When Negative forms a barrier to creative action, It is our Inability to Forget which is the Dark Side, the Shadow, of our limitless memory faculty. The "conceptions of our forefathers have never lost their potency." The Jew is from our Past. All Scientific Rationalizations will fail until we lance the roots, the hidden emotions from which "illogic and untruth acquire the color of truth and meaning." So it's no accident that Germany "has become the Motherland of Modern Antisemitism." Nazism brings to the surface "the latent hankering of the German people for its Romanticized Past." Which is, Skippy believes, the most dangerous of all emotions, all Qualia. Romanticism always wants to trade complexity for simplicity, the Urban for the Rural, Rationalization for Zealotry. Germany's Romantik Soul was Colonized by Richard Wagner and his Surreal world of "fighting gods and fighting heroes, of Dragons and Demons, of destiny and Pagan Epics." Which, to most, is simply Opera - but to the Germans was Reality elevated to Heiligeschichte. Geschichte shows us that 19th & 20th Century Antisemitism flourished primarily in Central and Eastern Europa "where the Medieval still exists" and where the "medieval" is a "Mental Epoch," a Mentalité, and not a period in time. Antisemitism is older than Christ, but its Demonological Character is Christian and Medieval. It's a Euro-Kultur Phenom.
Julius Streicher's JewHateRag Der Stürmer consistently used these Icons of the JewMyths: The Horned Jew, the Jew's thirst for Christian Blood to use in their Satanic Rites, the Well-Poisoner, Spreader of Disease, the Secret Parliament of World Jewry, the Jewish Odor, Jewish Black Magic, the Jewish Evil Eye. Every hate-filled issue had an Image or a "Report" of one or more or All of these. Every one of these Images and Ideas was 500 to a 1000 years old before the Nazis came to power in the 3rd - and shortest - of the German Reichs. Again: Christian Church Hierarchy is not always in agreement with the "lesser clergy and Laity" - exactly the Ones who translate Principles into Praxis. Many Popes tried to stay Humane, but that "Humanity" did not often flow downhill into the Local Pulpit. One of Skippy's Priests - in his Kiki Yoot - was a young redheaded Irish Priest, sent to the Michigan Missions from Boston. The Nuns in Skippy's Yoot were mostly Dominicans, but the Priests ranged from Oblates to Jesuits. Father Randall was young, good-lookin' & had the Twinkle and the Blarney of Irish Priests. All the Teen-Chicks dug him, and in 1956 that urge kept more than a few of them awake at night and weeping for their poor filthy souls. He was removed from the Parish after only 2 years. Yanked. He refused to obey the local Bishop's order to stop telling Antisemitic stories and to stop teaching and preaching that list of the Jewish Icons above - the one that starts: The Horned Jew. Father Randall would come into classrooms and vehemently contradict the Nuns, screaming in his charming brogue that all Jews were going to Hell forever. That it was Impossible for a Jew - ever - to be Saved. He said the same thing about Protestants but far less often and with much less screaming. He loved to tell us the story of the Wandering Jew ... or Skippy's favorite: the Marian Tale of the Jewish Boy. You know the one - where the Kike Kid is thrown into his Mother's Oven ... no wait. How does that one go?
Christian Hostility reached its Apogee in the Post-Crusade Period. Loser's Angst. Islam was Surging. Heresies were Everywhere. In short: Kiki's back was to the wall. It was a time of tight psychic energies. Christianity had enemies within and without. Classic Psycho-Set for Blowback. Less Crusades, More Inquisitions. The Church needed two things: A Reason for the Mess it was in, aka - Meaning; and a Scapegoat. An Enemy upon which to Project. Dismythopoeic Times. An Age in search of the Devil. That's the Title Page of a Pamphlet by Martin Luther - you can note he uses our old friend the Judensau to illustrate the points which he will cover in his rant. The drawing above, from the 18th Century, is also a Judensau but it is rendered with near pornographic visual implications - some of the Jews don't seem to be gathering manna shit-balls but instead seem to be fucking the pig. Skippy has curled the page to keep it from Innocent Eyes. In the Medieval, every form of Christian Discourse [arts/letters/plays/sermons/prayers,etc.] painted the Jew as the "Fount of Evil." The Gravemen of that charge was the belief that Jews were the "inveterate enemy of Mankind." This was true of both Religious and Secular Discourse. All Medieval Exempla used that Pattern. So Jews were pictured in Ancient Costumes and Patterns which could tie them to Ancestral "Crimes." In German Passion Plays the old Jews of Christ's story sport Contemporary Names. The purpose of Passion Plays was to portray the Old Truths as Timeless and always Present. So the Christkilling Jews were presented on "Stage" as Modern Jews. Passion Plays were used by the Church to disinfect local upcroppings of Heretical tendencies, Blitzkrieg Counter-Reactions to Jewish leanings in politics or fashions. Propaganda Plays to Inoculate and Ejaculate for and against all kinds of Dogma and Proscriptions. Ok listen, a Rabbi, a Priest, an Imam, and an Atheist walk into a bar ..
Christian Plays were comments on Contemporary Times. So Historical accuracy played no part in a Morality Play's appeal. Critical Analysis was not a Medieval Concern. Truth lay in How things were told, not in their Facts. Exaggeration was not seen as dissembling but as Underscoring the Truth. And if it was Written, it was True. The Logic behind the Christian hatred of the Jews - that is the Logic which the mind creates to fill the void - goes like this: Christianity was Unimpeachable. So much so that it was a Christian Belief that Even the Jews secretly KNEW the Truth of Christ. Their obstinate denials of Christ were Proof of this Perfidy. To Christian thinkers the Jewish interpretation of their own Torah was Willful Perversion. Justinian forbade the Torah to be recited in Hebrew, and any Post Commentary, because that's how Jews perverted the "True Word," as they tried to falsify and destroy Christological Meanings. Martin Luther went Ape-Shit over the Jew's refusal to "acknowledge the plain sense of the text." Worse, the Old Jews had been actual Witnesses to Jesus, so their refusals had to be Perverse lies. Hating Jews was Common Sense.
Christian Scholars were convinced that Kike Literature "contained proofs and admissions of the Truth of Christianity." Ergo your Jew mutilates the Host just because he DOES believe in Kiki Transubstantiation. Why else would a Jew piss on the Eucharist unless he did, in fact, believe that it was Holy? Marlowe's Jew of Malta even swears by the "Corpo di Dio." And in the Miracle Dramas, performed in every village and town throughout the Liturgical Year, the Jews themselves are portrayed as "Wowed" by the Miracles. Wrap yer Forensic Discourse around that! So Kikis deeply believed that Jews "obviously" saw the truths of Christ but willfully chose to disbelieve. Perversity and Stubbornness - How fucking like the Jews! But then the deeper Kiki thinkers asked themselves this bombshell: "Why should the Psychology of Jews be contrary to all Human Experience?" To be Human and Truthful was to be Christian, therefore it logically followed that Jews must not be Human. Jews were not Abnormal. Abnormal still means you're part of the Pie. Jews were Ganz Andere - they were Wholly Other. They were something else. But not Human. Peter the Venerable of the Great Abbey of Cluny wrote: "Really I doubt whether a Jew can be human for he will neither yield to human reasoning, nor find satisfaction in authoritative utterances, alike Divine and Jewish." If Christians belonged to God, to whom did the Jews belong? You can see how Logic writes the Script which your emotions throw up in front of it. This stuff is difficult for Modern Man to grok because we have blissfully forgotten what it was like to live in a World where Satan was real because Christ was real. Neither one of them had a gig without the other. Both Jesus and Satan had their fingers in every Pie in the Cosmos. They were locked in Combat on every Dimension imaginable, and it was Winner Take All. None of that Non-Zero Sum Pussy fantasy. That shit smacked of Apokatastasis - an idea in the Medieval which got you burned at the stake.
The Prize in the Combat is the World. Reality. As Jesus grew in the Medieval so did his Shadow - Satan. Jesus became the Warrior/Hunter and Satan was his Prey. The Medieval Mind was literally Baitin' & Waitin' on Satan. Everything follows of necessity. Jesus was circumcised to trick the Devil into thinking he was an ordinary man. He was born to a "Married Virgin" because Satan - who was the originator of Kike Prophecies - was searching the wombs of "Unmarried Virgins." New Testament Gospels go out of their way to excuse the Romans and blame the Jews. In the Passion Plays, it is Pilate himself who pleads for Jesus' cause. So Jesus has 2 enemies: the Devil and the Jews. But who said these 2 were separate? John claims the Jews are "of their father the Devil." And in Revelation (2:9/3:9) the Jewish Beth El - their House of God - is called "A synagogue of Satan." By the 4th and 5th Centuries this "Truth" is set in Kiki stone. Constantine refers to the Synagogue with Roman Slang which means a Whorehouse. "Thus the tradition of a Union between the 2 Arch Opponents of Christ seeped deeply into Christian thought." Vilification became Actuality. Logic continues: The Devil was fighting Christ while his Agent, the Jews, were fighting his Church here on Earth. The Certainty grew that Jews had to be fought or "Satan would inherit the earth and truth and salvation be lost." Nothing was more important than the Fight against the Devil on Earth: the Jews. "Christiandom was Summoned to a Holy War of Extermination." A Jihad! God loves a Jihad. And forget about the Jews - they were just Satan's Earthly Disguise - the war of Extermination was Positive and Redemptive. So you weren't really Killing Kikes, you were wounding Satan. The Jews were presented as Incidental; the Prize was Satan and God's victory over Evil. "Let me say `Amen' betimes lest the devil cross my prayer, for here he comes in the likeness of a Jew." It is, of course, a Sin to Kill humans, but what the hell does that have to do with Jews? Follow the Logic. QED. Muthafuka.
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