Or Black words on a White page. Nothing says Auctoritas like typeset thoughts on a medium with longevity. Charisma can be loaned out by the Media. Truths can be transferred from Tool to Tool. You put an idiot in a uniform and suddenly he looks like he could lead. Mascara and Rouge. Make things glitter and the crowd will follow you into frenzy. That's a Jesuit trick they pull off with pink and green Italian Marbles and Illusionist dioramas they paint in 2D on the ceilings of their temples. Anamorphic demons which leap out of twisted mirrors. Himmler modeled the SS on the Jesuits. Nearly all the top Nazis were Catholics and many of them had been schooled by Jesuits. The Jews and the Dominicans used Whippin' Sticks - the Nazis and the Jesuits used those but also Mirrors and Illusion. Auctoritas. Authority. Gott Mit Uns. Dieut et mon droict. Gott un mein Recht, mutterficker! Barber Perfect's Wahlspruch is: Verpiss dich!
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