That's the symbol for the Ahnenerbe to the right. You've seen it before. You may recognize the figure of the Irminsul - Odin's Tree/Yggsdrasil - standing in front of the delightfully curved Swastika. The Ahnenerbe was founded as a Nazi Think Tank in 1935 by Henrich Himmler, Herman Wirth, and Richard Darré with the consultation of Oberführer Hans Widerhaken Ritter von Vollendete who was also known to Himmler as Murmur - one of his Chosen 12 Knights of Wewelsburg. Kenny calls him Barber Perfect. 7th Wound once referred to him as Hyacinth Boboni . . . You should be Sioux when it comes to Names and accept many of them as your own. Murmur turned down the leadership of the Ahnenerbe and told Himmler to appoint the Dwarf Herman Wirth & not to worry because the dwarf would self-destruct quickly - he was too Ethical - but that he would lend the new Department the Auctoritas it needed to recruit other Scholars with credentials like Wirth's - if not his Ethics. The good Ritter von Vollendete disliked both Wirth and Himmler but they were Useful Idiots if nothing else.
The stated goal was to use the sciences, especially Anthropology, Linguistics, and Race Studies to discover the Cultural History of the Aryan Master Race and to mold those discoveries to Nazi Dogma. Historical Reverse-Engineering. Murmur said to think of the Ahnenerbe along the model of the Jesuits. Teachers & Propaganda. The SS was filling up with new recruits and Himmler needed a kind of Schooling to help get their Minds Right. And it was all about the Blood. Undiluted, undefiled - a magical elixir - Pure Aryan Blood. So the ancient wisdom of the Ur-Germans had to be rediscovered. After which the Blood would out and the Superior would rise from the dross and the slag once again - as it had in the magical and mystical past. The Ahnenerbe recruited: “archaeologists, anthropologists, ethnologists, classicists, Orientalists, runologists, biologists, musicologists, philologists, geologists, zoologists, botanists, linguists, folklorists, geneticists, astronomers, doctors, and historians.” As Pringle points out: These were the men who would justify the Holocaust. Though few of them planned it like that.
"Mein Gott!" The Reichsführer gasped, and then he felt the Hookah hose go limber in his hand as if its weight had suddenly vanished. A long plume of smoke came bursting from his lungs & mouth. Barber Perfect grinned. He was slouched across from the Stoned Himmler in a brown leather fauteuil the size of a cattle-car. Barber brought the Hookah and the Hashish back with him from Egypt. It was hot in Berlin. The Föhn was blowing & Berliners were edgy - the wind brought Static & dry dust from the Alpine rocks. Barber had been trying to convince the Reichsführer to use Hashish in his SS Black Knights Academy. The drug did wonders at opening up clogged mentalities. And it made Myths and Music Magical! Murmur was envisioning for Heiny a small group of Perfect Aryan Yoots stoned to their Jackboots and singing Nordic War Songs while they wrote each other Homoerotic Odes in Runes. Barber stifled the Homoerotic part - Himmler was fussy about the movements and interactions of genitalia. "It's a Jesuit trick," he told Heiny - whose eyes were scanning the room for Strudel or Beer Nuts. The Jesuits had long used Drugs which they had gathered on their Missionary Voyages from the peoples whom they had decimated along the way. You slip a recalcitrant pagan or a backsliding Converso the right Shrooms in his dog-stew and you can teach him to slaughter babies because it's Right. It just feels Right. Now and again Murmur would charm Himmler by singing him Gregorian Chants followed by Aryan Odes and then show the 2nd most powerful man on Earth how the Aryan Musical Forms had informed the Catholic Chants. Himmler got all dreamy when presented with a clear example of Aryan Primacy & therefore Superiority. It made him shiver. It gave him a "dunkel ahnen" - which is a Presentiment or feeling of Premonition like a 7th Chord sets the Musical Mind up for a Resolution in the Tonic. The word Ahnenerbe means: something inherited from the forefathers. The mission of this society was: 1. “To unearth new evidence of the accomplishments and deeds of Germany’s ancestors, as far back as the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age if possible.” 2. “To convey these findings to the German public by means of magazine articles, books, museum shows and scientific conferences.” [3] In short: Myth-Making.
Brüderstrasse is a street in Berlin that in Wirth’s day already dated back to the 13th century. It was an ancient right of way which Heather Pringle describes as “curved along a small island in the Spree giving the area the look of old Amsterdam with 4 story houses lining the waterfront and working boats plying the river.” The Ahnenerbe was perfect for this ambience. There was a castle at the north end - the Schloss, “where the electors of Brandenburg and the kings of Prussia had ruled in gilded majesty for nearly 500 years.” The Ahnenerbe offices were in the middle of Brüderstrasse at number 29/30. They occupied 2 floors “in a corner building” owned by Rudolf Herzog, the Department Store Poobah. There was a staff of 7 in the cold, drafty offices. The offices were stocked with Underwood Typewriters [with their SS key taking the shift/position above the number 3] and all over the walls were “large framed photographs of strange symbols carved upon wooden staves. In the atelier, staff members consulted the plaster casts of ancient rune stones.” This is where Wirth comes in. Herman Wirth was the Script and Symbol go-to guy for Himmler and the new Ahnenerbe. Wirth would send out AH scholars to photograph anything which looked like an old symbol, an old script, an old rune. They made plaster casts, collected baking molds, ceramic candleholders, and decorative wreaths - anything with a symbol on it. Wirth contacted Museums all over the world and offered to buy replicas of “bone spoons, stone crosses, Mesopotamian cylinder seals, and carved boulders.” Also: Finnish wooden calendars, carved with symbols. These were the things that Wirth needed to prepare his lectures and exhibitions for the SS - “But in Wirth’s mind, it served just one purpose: to further popularize his own peculiar ideas about the past.” Wirth was a stand up guy. He was “affable, energetic, enormously well read, and regarded by all as charming.” Kind of like Skippy but without all the sturm und drang. He was great with narrative mysteries and could hold a group enthralled as he pontificated on the meanings of Sanskrit hymns or Yupik, Alaskan Spirit masks. He was called: “the artist who makes stones speak, he is the psychologists who feels hearts beating across the millenniums, he is the Homo religiosus who senses the deep eternal bonds of mind and spirit running thru the whole of the human race." Everybody liked Herman Wirth. He was 50 in 1935 and at his peak, always controversial, and always on “the verge of a momentous discovery.” Wirth was convinced that he had discovered an “ancient holy script invented by a lost Nordic civilization in the North Atlantic” from thousands of years ago. He claimed it was the world’s oldest writing and that if he could crack the code he could unlock the lost secrets of the Aryans and wake Germany up to its destiny and greatness. He was, in short, a Nazi Romantik and Dreamer tripping over his own wishes and projections - like most idealists. Sure he had his head up his Ass but unlike most men in such a position he loved the view. Herman Wirth was wildly Self-Reflective which is a virtue in a mind seeking truth but can be toxic in a worldview which is seeking a monolithic perspective.
That's Himmler's fingerprint in the photo of Wirth above. Heiny was obsessed with keeping records in Green Ink & now and again would stamp things with his Reichsadler Seal in the sickly colored ink. It drove Hitler to Drool. The photos belong to Barber Perfect and until recently were kept in a wet stone room at Murmur's Schloss near Königsberg. Barber painted the Watercolor of Wewelsburg below. He signed it: Prica - but that's an inside-joke.
Wirth met Himmler at a party given by Johann and Gesine von Leers in 1934. The von Leers were well known among the Nazi and Aryan crowd - Johann worked as a Party Propagandists whose speciality was anti-Semitic books like Jews Look at You and also “theoretical writings on the Nordic race and German Agriculture.” Gesine was bent towards the Occult and she believed that she was the reincarnation of an old German priestess so she’d show up for evenings with friends in Bronze Age styled jewelry and other gris-gris from the mythical past. It was Gesine who had set up the meeting. She’d known and admired von Leers for years. Gesine had invited him to discuss the research of Wiligut, “another of her personal mentors.” She had also invited Darré and Himmler. The problem was that Wirth knew Wiligut was a Phoney so Wirth had near been kidnapped to show up at the soirée. Not to worry. Wirth was in his element and soon had Himmler with a huge hardon. Wirth was small - about 5’-4” but he was heavily haired and all blonded mit blue eyes what sparkled. Heiny could not help but notice his “fiercely chiseled handsomeness.”
Now Himmler, by this time, was consciously seeking out the Forms of the New Religion which would “take the place of Catholicism and Protestantism in the Reich.” Christianity was a gutter religion, a pseudomorphism from the desert of the Mideast. Himmler needed a faith grounded in the cool and dark forests of the north. Worse Christianity presented the Jews as god’s- chosen people and not the Germans. It openly talked of Jesus as a Jew; it preached charity, compassion for the weak, the brotherhood of all men, equality and all that French drivel. These things were not part of the new faith of men like Himmler and Hitler. Like many in the Germany of those days, Himmler had been raised a Christian [Catholic] and had dutifully followed that faith until he had joined the Nazi Party. Well how you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm, after they’ve seen Paree? Huh. By these days the forms of Christianity had become brittle and dull. Inactive. They had no joy left within them. The Nazi faith preached Joy thru Strength. It was about Victory, not Charity. Himmler put it clearly: "Our business is to spread the knowledge of race in the life of the Völk and to impress it upon the hearts and heads of all, down to the very youngest, as our German gospel.” So Nazism would be the State Religion and now it needed to be replenished with gods and rituals and truths. Thus Heiny had to find those gods, rituals and truths. Or create them as he went. He knew that the Old Pagan gods of the Völk could wean his SS Knights from Jesus and from Christianity’s Slave Morality. Every SS Mann would be required to renounce his Christian baptism and his allegiance to Christ. However, very inconveniently, the old gods had largely disappeared into the thick mists of myth. Nothing very real was known of them. Worse, the ignorant pig-fuckers had left no written records. But wait! There were the Runes. There was always the Runes. When Himmler met Wirth he thought he had met his Mann. Here was the mind to fill in the missing gaps - with whatever was necessary. Wirth believed that he had discovered the “ancient sacred texts of the Nordic race, and thru science, he intended to decipher them.” Best, Wirth was completely open to using his gnosis for “a higher master than objectivity or truth.” He once explained it like this: “The time is now past when science believed its task was to search for the truth, such as it is. Now the task of science is to proceed with its prophecy, to awaken. Like the morning dawn. it will light a new day.” In the new light you could see an immense distance ... almost all the way to Auschwitz. Wirth was Dutch, born in 1885 - like Himmler, his father was also a schoolteacher and university lecturer in Utrecht who likewise took pride in his Teutonic ancestry. German culture, music, and history was the air of the Wirth-haus. Herman lapped it up and majored in Germanic studies, philology, history, and music theory at Utrecht University before he moved to the University of Leipzig where extreme nationalism was always the zupa du jour. Wirth too, like Heiny, “came to loathe what he saw as the corrosive influence of cosmopolitan urbanism.” You can see why Spengler was such an Avatar for these times
Himmler poured a lot of energy and funds into Ahnenerbe Expeditions. Most people, after the war, thought this topic was a nonstarter. Quackery, foolishness which was not actually taken seriously by the Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth. Himmler planned to manufacture for Germany a mythical Nazi past which would give warrant to the Nazi present and their activities. “Baldly stated, Himmler, the architect of the Final Solution, planned to use tall, blond-haired SS men and selected women to scientifically rebreed a pure Aryan stock.” Himmler intended that the research bonanza from Ahnenerbe could be used to educate his SS Breeders in “ancient Germanic lore, religion, and farming practices, teaching them to think as their ancestors had.” Agricultural communities would then be “seeded” themselves in the new lands in the east - “places where he believed Germany’s ancient ancestors had particularly flourished.” Thus was the SS Plan to save Western Civilization from the Chandals and the Apelings and the Mudmen. Those already living in the New Lands would either be deported, enslaved, or liquidated. Seems fair. “All of the world’s Jews would have to be exterminated, down to the very last man, woman, and child. In this way, no Jewish `germs’ would survive to infect and destroy the fledgling Aryan colonies.” For the groundwork to the project: Himmler dispatched Ahnenerbe scholars on 8 foreign expeditions or research trips before the war.” Wolfram Sievers was Ahnenerbe’s managing director and Walther Wust was the “soft-spoken” superintendent. The expeditions "went to Bronze Age rock carvings in Sweden and the rural homes of Shamans in Finland, to inscription-covered palace walls in Croatia and the toppled temples of Parthian kings in Iraq, to mysterious Paleolithic caves in France and the enigmatic ruins of ancient settlements in Greece, to sprawling monasteries in Tibet and the sweeping coastal dunes of Libya.” To Iran, the Canary Islands, the Andes, and Iceland - all of these before the war as once the war started the trips had to be postponed. Oberführer Hans Widerhaken Ritter von Vollendete was right about the Dwarf Wirth - since 1933 Wirth had been loudly championing the authenticity of Die Ura Linda Chronik and had recently published his own translation of the infamous book. The Oera Linda Book surfaced in 1867 when a Cornelis Over de Linden handed a manuscript over to a Frieslandian librarian for translation. Cornelis claimed the work had been in his family's possession for generations. The book was reputed to have been written in an ancient Frisian dialect with bizarre Rune-like characters which upon closer examination proved to be Latin Characters shaped to look like Runes. The MS carried a date of 1256 AD but made claims in the text that it was actually compiled from several sources as long ago as 2200 BC. The Oera Linda MS was hailed as the first source of the concept of "Root Races" and was more than likely the source for Occultists like Mde. Blavatsky to base their theories of Lost Continents & Lost Angels. The book also mentions "Atland" or Atlantis and claims that it had submerged in 2193 BC. None of this nonsense was upsetting to the Nazis or their times - it was in fact a Meaty Food for their Illusions of a vanished mythical race of Aryan godmen. But what really raised a red flag in Nazi mentalité was the book's insistence that the mythical and glorious past had been a Matriarchy. The text paints a picture of a golden civilization ruled by "a succession of folk-mothers presiding over a hierarchical order of celibate priestesses dedicated to the goddess Frya - herself the daughter of the Supreme god Irtha - the Earth Mother."
No one today seriously believes the Oera Linda mss. is genuine. Scepticism began shortly after the book's "discovery" in 1867. The book's paper was traced to a papermill in Maastricht and dated as 1850. But the book was wildly popular and just wouldn't go away. The young Nazis ate it up. It was the stamp of approval on not only the Atlantis Myth but a host of Nordic/Aryan "beliefs" ranging from the Earth Ice Theory to a War in the heavens between the gods. Nearly all real Scholars dismissed the Manuscript as a fraud, a hoax. But Wirth hung on. He had already developed his own ideas about a supposed "pre-historic" Matriarchy, and also there was the claim in the book that it had been an ancient Frisian Civilization which had developed the 1st Alphabet which was the true ancestor of Greek & Phoenician scripts. Herman Wirth loved Signs, Sigils, and Symbols. Like Skippy he investigated on-site petroglyphs & engravings, Paleolithic cave paintings, meanders, entopics & their construals. And he liked Women. Who liked little Herman the charming dwarf who could babble in tongues said to have come directly from the Ancients. So he latched onto the Matriarchy theory of a glorious Pre-Germanic Past and basically rode that puppy to ruin. Nazis were decidedly not interested in a Mythical Past run by Women - that did not suit their needs for a Past. In the Oera Linda, Odin/Thor are usurpers and their War Ways destroyed the ancient paradise, and Atlantis was swallowed, blah, blah, blah. Barber Perfect knew Herman would spontaneously combust - but he had what the Ahnenerbe needed for the Pioneering Days: Credibility as a Scholar. Besides, the Dwarf was Dutch, not German. He was just so Cute. A charming little Dutch dwarf with unmistakably Elfin looks & ways. With a huge gift for blarney and quick talk. High-Fuctional Autistic? Asperger Syndrome, maybe? But Barber opts for Williams Syndrome and says that the "Elfin" looks are the giveaway. And Barber knew the man. Roll over Wirth's book: Was Heisst Deutsch? to see a page from the phoney Oera Linda Book. I would like to tell you that most Ahnenerbe Scholars were better than Herman Wirth, an honest Dwarf too easily amused, but I can't. Heather Pringle, whose Scholarship Skippy is shamelessly abusing for his own twisted purposes, relates an anecdote which puts that subject in sharp focus. She’s in the Netherlands researching Bog Mummies and is reading a book by the Dutch archaeologist: Wijnand van der Sanden who is burbling about a speech that Himmler gave “behind closed doors” in 1937 to a group of senior officers of the SS in their training at Bad Tolz. Himmler is pontificating on Homosexuality. Fatherhood in the 3rd Reich was Godly - Homos struck out as fathers thereby not fulfilling their duty to the Reich of providing fodder for the big Divisions. “Worse still, Himmler was convinced that homosexuality was a communicable disease.” It could therefore infect straights and lead to “epidemic proportions” in the Fatherland, “particularly in such hotbeds of male bonding as the SS. So his speech was meant to inoculate. Some archeologists believed the Bog Mummies were sacrifices, others thought them “murdered prisoners of war.” One of Himmler’s favorite Archeos said they were “social pariahs, specifically deserters and homosexuals put to death for their transgressions against ancient Germanic Laws.” [7] Even though there was and is virtually no evidence whatsoever to support this idea, Himmler pounced on it: “Homosexuals were drowned in swamps. The worthy professors who find these bodies in peat, do not realize that in ninety out of a hundred cases they are looking at the remains of a homosexual who was drowned in a swamp along with his clothes and everything else. That was not a punishment, but simply the termination of an abnormal life.”
With this “warrant” Himmler had 15,000 gayboys rounded up and sent to concentration camps where they were issued Pink Triangles. Christian Republicans then castrated some of them for experiments and “subjected others to procedures designed to transform them into heterosexuals. 60% of the Homos died in these camps. So that was the drill: transform a “simple piece of archaeological speculation into a hard, murderous fact.” Science would be used to cloak idiocy and hatred. The ancient and venerable Germanic practice - now attested to by `science’ - of killing Homos could now be emulated by modern people. “In Himmler’s hands, the distant past had become a lethal weapon against the living.” Like George Bush's Administration - the Ahnenerbe Scholars were to cherry pick facts and mold findings to support their politics and the “racial ideas of Adolf Hitler.” Some scholars were only too willing to do this consciously; many others “warped them without thought, unaware that their political views drastically shaped their research.” The Ahnenerbe was housed “in a grand villa in one of Berlin’s wealthiest neighborhoods.” It had labs, libraries, museum workshops, and ample funds for foreign research. “By 1939, the Ahnenerbe would count 137 German scholars and scientists on its payroll and employ another 82 support workers - filmmakers, photographers, artists, sculptors, librarians, laboratory technicians, accountants, and secretaries.” When Murmur is a Dunkel or 2 down he will tell you in that mournful voice of his - the one that sounds like cold wind moving thru the Pines - that the SS Ahnenerbe Department of RuSHA - the Race and Resettlement Division - was the greatest creation of his long, long, life. He always knew that one day he would have to jettison Himmler. The trouble with the Reichsführer was that be believed too much in Pasts that never were and that "reconstructing" them was a game for Elves and Autistic Savants. Trying to "future" with a "past" that never existed is the text book definition of Psychosis. It was Murmur's Job, and his Ahnenerbe's, to do just that and it struck Barber that it was the only really Creative thing a Man or a Volk could do. Everything else is Bricolage and pasting Humpty back together again whether he wants it or not.
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